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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wilkes-Barre Mayoral race roster

We had a last-minute addition to the City Council race, Scott Koppenhofer (R), the regional Guardian Angels honcho, will be on the ballot in District B. He did not file for the mayoral race as he had hoped to do, but he did have this to offer...

"Mark I was not able to obtain enough signatures in the little free time I had. I did have enough time to change gears and file for city council. I will hopefully be able to meet for a beer fest to discuss this venture where I can have the ear of the Mayor and make suggestions. I am still keeping the petition you signed as my first and second signature."

Dude, bring that petition up so I can scan it. Oh, and the meeting of the perpetually spinning minds (speak for myself?) over a few hops-laden agricultural amusements aids sounds like a doable plan to me.

The mayoral showdown in Wilkes-Barre will include the following...

Tom Leighton
Charlotte Raup
Nick Punko

Karen Ceppa
Lisa Cope
Frank R. Sorick

I will refrain from editorializing at this point, except to say that only one of the candidates listed above made us wait five-plus hours for something barely resembling a pizza. But, seriously folks, how hard could it be to manage a third class city of 43,000 people?



Gtonic said...

I can not belive that you are that crazy to post something that far out in left field and not even show who you are .why would you slander people that way ?

Unknown said...

Hey mark it's the candidate that never made anyone wait 5+ hours for anything. I pulled the call list from our computer, and found no orders for you, GO FIGURE! All calls that come in are tracked, and our caller ID feeds directly to delivery tracking. I would have offered to comp your next order if you actually had such an issue but thanks for the bogus complaint.. Sincerely Tino's Management... I often wonder why the folks with the least amount of integrity seem to be the ones questioning everyone else’s

zorcong said...

Uh, did I say I called the order in? Did I say it was ordered in my name or on my phone? Try running the address.

I was obviously exaggerating by claiming we waited five hours, but it was at least two and a half.

And if you want to throw up a snit about that, I'll refer you to my daughter and her two kids who begged us to just cancel the order and call somewhere else.

And how does integrity come into play over a freaking pizza? Save that neat-sounding swill for someone short on brain matter who might be impressed by it.

Oh, and, I forgot more about the hospitality industry than you will ever know.

Markie F. Cour

Former General Mgr. Franklin's Family Rest.

Former General Mgr. Friendly's

Former chef at Percy A. Brown's

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
Just thought I would send you my press release that both papers have yet to print. I sent it in 2 times but they never ran it. But they did print the former fire fighters press release. Anyway, here it is.

Scott Koppenhofer is a candidate for the primary election for Wilkes-Barre City Council for District B.
He is hoping that with new council members there will be new ideas that can be shared with the Mayor and we can work together to improve our city.

Scott, 41, is the Store Manager for AutoZone in Wilkes-Barre and has experience in retail management with
stores operating with sales from 20-66 million dollars a year. Scott has volunteered for the Alliance of Guardian Angels for the last 22 years and currently serves as the Pennsylvania Regional Director for chapters in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan and the southern tier of New York.

He graduated from Wyoming Area Senior High in 1988 where he then enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He is a Veteran of Desert Storm and was Honorably Discharged from the Navy in 1994.
"I am not a politician but if appointed a seat on city council I will make myself available to the residents to listen to their concerns so that I can share them with the Mayor and fellow council members where we can work together to improve our city." Scott feels that his experience with the Guardian Angels in the city, around the state and in surrounding states will help bring some suggestions to the city council and the Mayor which may help improve public safety. Also he believes his experience in retail stores operating with budgets greater than Wilkes-Barre City's budget will be a benefit when it comes time for budget approval.

"My most important concerns are the financial state of the city going forward considering the lack of government money that will be available and our public safety issues. We need to learn how to do more with less and without cutting necessary services and we need to put political parties aside to accomplish this task. I do not agree with every idea or agenda of any party but we all bring something to the table and need to work together to develop realistic plans that will help the city grow and improve."

Scott and his wife Dawn purchased a home in Wilkes-Barre City a year ago and they believe you should improve not move.