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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Press releases

First up...Congressman Lou Barletta...

For Immediate Release Contact: Megan Sweeney
March 1, 2011 (202) 225-6511

Congressman Barletta Votes To Keep Government Operating

WASHINGTON – 11th Congressional District Representative Lou Barletta released the following statement regarding his vote in support of the stop-gap Continuing Resolution known as H. J. Res. 44.

“Today, I voted to keep our government open for business,” Barletta said. “During these tough economic times, it is important that we must make every effort to present a needless interruption of government services while at the same time finding ways to get our fiscal house in order. The Continuing Resolution passed today will not only keep our government running, it will reduce government spending by more than $4 billion.

“While this bill serves as an answer to the threat of a possible government shutdown, it is by no means a solution to our current fiscal situation. I was proud to join with at least a dozen of my colleagues in the House in calling on the Senate to pass an additional $100 billion in necessary spending reductions, because it is time for our government to accept our new economic realities.”

In addition to voting in favor or H.J. Res. 44, Congressman Barletta joined at least a dozen of his colleagues to ask Senate Appropriations Chairman Daniel Inouye to begin consideration of H.R. 1, which would fund the federal government through the end of Fiscal Year 2011.


Megan Sweeney
Press Secretary
Office of Congressman Lou Barletta
510 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Work: (202) 225-5981
Cell: (202) 604-1425

Next up...Luzerne County Council candidate Bruce Simpson...

Contact: Bruce J. Simpson
March 1, 2011
Phone Number: 570-824-5451
Bruce J. Simpson Announces Plan For Trying To Reduce Crime in the County
Bruce J. Simpson has announced that, if elected, he will call for a study commission made up of volunteers consisting of police officers, municipal elected leaders, the District Attorney’s Office, and financial analysts to consider the feasibility of creating a Luzerne County Police Department. In many larger jurisdictions throughout the country, a centralized police department protects and serves the citizens of their community with increased efficiency.

Simpson's initial thoughts on the matter include a stronger patrol bureau acting in concert with the District Attorney's Office, Attorney General's Office and the Pennsylvania State Police. A county police department would be better able to coordinate the response to narcotics issues as well as a gang problems. These types of crimes are destabilizing the county in many areas and are lowering the quality of life for the citizens of Luzerne County.

With a county-wide police department, specialized forces could be moved into an area that is experiencing a particular increase of a certain type of crime that must be crushed as quickly as possible. Narcotics have been entering Luzerne County from New York City, Newark and Philadelphia along with other cities. This issue must be addressed by a police force dominant enough to take on these narcotics traffickers and continue the work being done now by various police agencies.

Just as serious a problem is increased gang activity throughout the county. All one has to do is drive through various areas and read the gang tags that litter the walls of buildings, railroad cars, and even street signs. It is imperative that law enforcement meet this threat with a highly professional, trained and motivated task force that can put this situation under control before we lose control of the streets. Gangs that people associate with Los Angeles and other areas can be found right here in Luzerne County. This problem must be aggressively addressed. Simpson also calls for the closing of MinSec in Hazleton and it's removal from Luzerne County.

One of the issues to be studied by the committee would be how to pay for such a police force and whether or not some communities could opt to maintain their own police departments within their jurisdictions. A key duty of the study committee would be to ascertain whether or not it would be possible to go to this plan without any increase in spending.

"We live in troubling times, with major assaults from the criminal elements of society, and we need to meet these challenges by utilizing 21st-century solutions. I’ve spent part of my career as a uniformed police officer, special agent for the FDA, as well as a magistrate. I had the opportunity to work in Prince Georges County Maryland (which borders Washington, D.C.) as both a police officer and a magistrate. I understand the challenges modern law enforcement faces and I hope to improve the effect Luzerne County law enforcement can have on the forces of crime which seek to destroy so much that we hold dear."

Bruce J. Simpson for Luzerne County Council

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