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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

4 stars

Movies 14, here I come!

Review: ‘Prometheus’

“Prometheus” can’t compare to the originality of “Alien,” but the latter can’t compare to the depth of “Prometheus.” If you avoid knee-jerking and really deconstruct the essence of this film, you may find yourself steeped in a philosophical debate about religion, politics and accountability. “Prometheus” doesn’t set out to answer questions about creation. It poses questions instead, delivers a brilliant metaphor or two and thoroughly immerses us in a 3D sci-fi aesthetic so realistic you may be compelled to don a space suit while watching the movie.

By the way, this movie was directed by Ridley Scott. If you find that name unfamiliar, stick to The Housewives of Incest County or some such equally inane slop.


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