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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not a snowball in sight

The power of the Internet!

I attached a picture of my beautiful daughter taken on her wedding day to the top of my Web oasis and the anonymous pussies have at it. According to those who snipe from the relative comfort of the nowhere that they infest, she's ugly.

Yeah, and electing hapless Barry was a good idea.

110 degrees in the shade. 

Not a snowball in sight.

That's what it felt like out there today. My one-time termite sidekick said as much while sweating profusely, uh, while sweating profusely in the shade.

Plus, we had this here problem.

We needed to dig down deep enough by which we could drill laterally through the footer of a slab-on-grade structure. But 48 inches later, we were still far from exposing the footer. And the massive amounts of piled soil we had displaced were threatening to frustrate the two of us in the form of landslides. Er, displaced soilslides. Something or other.

And while the many voices emanating from the air-conditioned studios of the local talk radio station whined on cue about the big bad heat wave, there we were digging our version of the North China Causeway.

What you should glean from this?

Some of us are far physically tougher and more tough-minded than the vast majority of the whiners that seek disability benefits after typing words for a career, or claiming entitlement rights after a single embellished slip story, fall tale or bald-faced lie. That you should never underestimate the power of Gatorade. And that air-conditioning has made complete sophistry of the vast majority of the former hunter/killers---man.

More tommorrow.

Gatorate and a defiant attitude, that is.



Anonymous said...

Your daughter is not beautiful. She is VERY beautiful.

Congratulations-you must be very proud and happy today.

A tip of the Gatorade to youse.

Stephen Albert said...

ANYONE who would be disrespectful of your, my, or any other father's daughter as it relates to her wedding is nothing more than cowardly, gutter-snipe trash. It's a wonder that they can operate a keyboard with their stubby, in-bred, coalbilly, Vienna Sausage-esque fingers.

Come on "Anonymous"...if you're that critical, then man up & comment under your own name, otherwise shut the f&^k up.

Aggie95 said...

LOL ...the first time I talked to Cour was after he posted his daughters pic here .....I asked him if he was really sure that she was his kid and could they have switched babies ....I've seen his picture ...sorry Mark