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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Barry versus Putin?

This one is fast-approaching a flashpoint.

US: Russia sending Syria attack helicopters

While Russia’s combat capabilities have seriously eroded since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the export versions of the Mi-24 attack helicopters are still affectionately known as “flying tanks.” The Russians are not forward-deploying these flying tanks to deliver humanitarian supplies.

Now take a look at this…

I really hope that this Israeli-gathered intel proves to be wrong, because the home of the Russian Black Sea Fleet just happens to be located at Tartus, Syria on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Tartus is home to nuclear-armed warships, as well as Russia’s only remaining aircraft carrier which was sent there in direct response to Barry‘s not-so-veiled hints of further military meddling in the accelerant-soaked tinderbox that is the Middle East.

Now, I know that Barry Oblahblah has gone mostly unchallenged over his unflappable support of and direct illegal involvement with this so-called Arab Spring charade, but playing brinkmanship with the Russians has led many a self-impressed purveyor of military muscle down the road to ruin.

Allah Akbar!

Watch this video in which supposed Syrian freedom fighters shout the now familiar call for world dominance over and over again after the implosion of a Russian BMP-3.

I know the recent and politically purposeful national security leaks were meant to put Commander Barry on the same stage as Rambo, but in this suddenly fast-developing scenario, this is an ill-fated drone we really don’t want to launch.

The Russians have a well-deserved inferiority complex, an infuriating stain upon their national psyche. But they are tenacious when challenged. And as recently as today, they have drawn a very pronounced line in the sand whereas the future of their longtime middle eastern ally is concerned.

Barry versus Putin?

Even Democrats know the inexperienced pretender ought not go there.


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