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Monday, June 4, 2012

Don't shoot me, I'm only the kazoo player

Now that the local Young Dems, the local GOP chairman and the local blog-o-rama have all commented on the “election” of former KSS member Steve Smith, I must indulge.

Firstly, the guy basically elected himself with one vote. So I fail to see how this reflects on the local GOP in any way save for apathy, which seems to infect people of all persuasions and political stripes.

Secondly, I bristled when I read the needless comments emanating from the Young Dem kid, because, quite frankly, the local Democrats have personified corruption, graft, greed, cronyism and nepotism in this county of late. But, nice try.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, since some of the local bloggers and the like have had all sorts of, ahem, interesting things to say about our newly elected representative, Steve Smith, I’m assuming they’d prefer that I not invite him to the next BlogFest soiree.

You know, when that electronic fa├žade of invulnerability is suddenly stripped away, sometimes the tough talking run smack dab into the genuinely rough-and-tumble. And I'd hate to have to watch someone wet themselves.

I’m just sayin’.



Aggie95 said...

I like when they start bitching about how this area is so racist ...its usually about then I point out that the area is about 60 - 70 % plus registered democrats more in Wilkes Barre

zorcong said...

When white folks start shaming other whites about racism, I want to knuckle their foreheads until they snap out of it.

I really hate to enlighten them, but racism is not a condition specific to whites only. Far from it.

Have those clueless white boys with their gums a flapping visit Wyoming Street or Altar Street in Hazleton after dark and they will adjust their outlook provided they make it out of there.