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Friday, June 29, 2012

The U-word

I've read just about everything I could find about this so-called '"affordable" health care' governmental overreach and largesse, and for the very first time, I am quite anxious about our future.

What the Supreme Court ruled today is that uncertainty will continue to reign, while optimism continues to wane. Insurers, employers and states now have more unanswered questions than they had yesterday, while what the Democrats promise about the future of health care and it's cost to us stands in stark contrast with what the many bean counters--government and otherwise--are telling us we can expect to pony up.

How am I supposed to see a government takeover of the health care industry as a good thing while practically everything the goverment creates or directly involves itself in gets bogged down in regulatory excess, mucked up by bureaucratic red tape and eventually spent into insolvency? And how am I supposed to be optimistic when my gross pay rises while my net pay shrinks?

And getting back to the dreaded and stifling U-word--uncertainty--how are businesses supposed to go forward and create jobs with that word hanging over their logos, and with today's decision only adding to the uncertainty?

Jobs? GDP growth? A hustling and bustling economy?

Don't celebrate too long, because you can kiss all of that goodbye.

What the court said to us today is that if what we truly want is a vibrant economy and a good life, the mystery man, the self-impressed community organizer has to go on November the 6th.

The U-word.

Political last rites.


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