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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ramming speed!!!

In a laughable effort to defend the supreme leader of the steadfast economic malaise, Bolshevist economist Paul Krugman is repeating the cadaver of an argument that a lack of “public sector job growth” is holding back the economy.

Public sector job growth? Are these flailing buffoons serious?

Since when is an economy’s feeble pulse measured by the growth or contraction of the government?

More stimulus? Really? More government employees? Like, more debt?

Austerity is holding our economy back? Or, is the harsh reality emanating from D.C. holding our local economies back?

The Fed is being bullied into inaction? And, by Rick Perry?

Three and one-half years in, and all they’ve got is “The Republicans did it?“

This is what you get when you elect a mystery man with a threadbare resume who is beholding to the so-called economic know-it-alls from academia--The Keynesian Castroites.

Yeah, the Keynesians who all split just as soon as they realized that their white paper theories led to an economy in which the gainfully employed private sector workers are seen as lucky or more fortunate than others. In their demented world, you are lucky to still have a job. But we need more unionized public sector employees?

According to the latest polls, about half of the respondents are leaning towards voting for four more years of this utter dementia posing as leadership. Remember that video of the Susquehanna River whirlpooling it’s way into the Knox Mine? That’s what four more years of inexperience, incompetence and excuses will lead us to.

Ramming speed!!!


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