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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Congress: Life After Clemens

“This is a collision sport, not a contact sport.”---Kay Stephenson, Former NFL coach

Now that the out-of-control Fedrule Govmint has lost the protracted War on Roger Clemens, there are persistent rumblings that it might set it’s sights on the National Football League.

In case you’re not up on the latest, it has been reported that some players in the NFL hit other players while guided by malicious intent. Yes, apparently some of these players are downright mean, with some even accepting cash bounties for injuring opposing players. Imagine that.

If I remember correctly, as youths we were taught to explode through the ball, to explode through the tackle. Making contact was not enough to ensure a tackle, a fumble or a totally disrupted play. Rather, violent contact was preferred, encouraged and coached. Weight plus velocity? Impact. Big hit. And if the recipient of that impact could not immediately rise to his feet, high-fives all around.

Apparently, some of the people who comprise our overreaching Nanny State were shocked and stunned and saddened to learn that playing organized football can be dangerous. Does anybody remember playing tackle football on the asphalt, yes, I said on the asphalt at the then new Coal Street Park circa 1973? I do. Definitely not smart, but definitely not for the feint of heart. Real manly stuff. Foolhardy toughness. Machismo on steroids. You’re either in, or you’re a pussy and you know it.

Suppose Congress makes it illegal to injure for bounty pay. Then what? Well, then the men who get their rocks off by delivering ultra violence to others will simply do it for free. And since the NFL itself is investigating the “Bounty Gate” allegations and suspending players, coaches and general managers alike, then why should Congress divert from it’s principal responsibility of spending the country into bankruptcy and foreign servitude?

And what of their misplaced priorities? They will order our soldiers to lay down their lives for foreigners that detest our interloping, but they will not stand for our gladiators laying down a vicious hit.

Assuming most of unemployed America can still afford a scaled-back cable bill, I can absolutely guarantee that diehard NFL fans will not tune in on Sundays to watch 22 Jolly Green Giants being courteous to each other. They want the roving, menacing hunter/killers. They want not the metrosexuals.

Sorry, but Soccer just ain’t gonna cut it.

Gotta have some LT when violence is the subject. Fast-forward to 8:05.


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