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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Affordable Care Act: Oblahblah's can of economic whoop-ass

I’ve been following the political back-and-forth whereas OblahblahCare is concerned, the so-called Affordable Care Act.

Affordable? As if!

For some spirited local banter, check the latest posts and especially the reader’s comments on The Yonkster’s blog.

Sorry, kiddies. But this boondoggle in the making promises nothing but more bureaucracy, more red tape and increased costs. If you refuse to believe as much, I’ve got a government surplus toilet seat all picked out for you…and for as little as a week’s pay.

The way I see it, the blinded supporters of Mr. Barry Incompetence have yet to admit that he is in over his swollen head, and they still mistakenly believe he is the best thing since sliced pumpernickel. Meanwhile, they reflexively dismiss legitimate criticisms of the Prez as the ranting of racists and bigots and homophobes and (insert further idiocy here).

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but no one---left or right---has ever accused the Fedrule Govmint of being efficient, economical or proactive. But, now, all of a sudden, the Govmint will do no wrong?

Take another gulp of bath salts and climb something owned by PP&L!

My employer wants me to be an emergency backup to one of our technicians who regularly accesses a local Govmint facility. Mind you, there are no nukes, chemical weapons or top secret drones on this site. Just a lot of paper and those who push them around.

I have been trying to pass an F.B.I. background check since January. They have been provided every proctologic detail they have demanded, they have my life’s history and my fingerprints that I had to pay thirty dollars to have taken, they have added burning hoop after burning hoop after napalmed hoop…and still, no access for Markie.

Moreover, I have a commercial driver’s license with an air brakes endorsement. Due to the fact that I’m about to be licensed to apply poison gases, I needed to add a hazardous materials endorsement so as to be legally qualified to transport said gasses.

First, I passed the exhaustive physical to obtain my medical examiner certificate. Then came the check for $23.50 to PENNDot for the Hazmat test. Aced it. Crushed it, in fact.

Then came the charge of $68.50 to obtain my birth certificate from the State of New York so that the Department of Homeland Security can make with yet another proctologic exam. Yes, $68.50 for a freaking scrap of paper!

And if that's not enough Fedrule dung for you, I still have to write a check for $60 to the DHS for the redundant background check. Yup. They don't ram Amerikans in the poop shoot for free, you know. I have to pay them to check on me, while our borders are so porous, the entire Taliban could relocate to Arizona without being noticed.

And get this, I have to write yet another check to the PA State Police for yet another set of fingerprints. Why? Because, according to the PENNDot employee, the DHS folks cannot cross reference the fingerprints I already provided to the FBI.

How the fu>k is that possible?

What, those two agencies do not talk to each other? Apparently not. And with that disturbing revelation, it’s no wonder we’ve got Chechnyan rebels on welfare out bombing marathons!

And then there’s little old me. Basically born ‘n’ raised in one small town. Attended the same high school for six long years. Never been arrested. One speeding ticket. One run-in with Ed Soltis. No child porn. Hates Jihad goofs. Me, I’m the check-writing machine who needs to be thoroughly investigated and then thoroughly investigated all over again!

Sorry, Oblahblah apologists, but if you honestly believe that the Fedrule Govmint is going to abscond with the entire health care industry and make it more affordable or more easily accessed, you completely deserve the destructive can of economic whoop-ass that you are beckoning your way. Get ready to suck on it!

Yes, well-meaning (?) apologists, the current “leadership” of the ‘Naked Communists’ in the Democrat Party are to competence what Charles Manson is to sainthood.

Back alley abortions?

Get ready for back alley sutures!

Quicker and cheaper.

There! I said it. Obviously, I'm a racist.



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