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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Bridge to Nowhere

I read today that black males commit homicides at seven times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. And the great majority of said homicides are of the black-on-black variety, with a staggering percentage being committed with illegally obtained handguns.

With that typed, it’s undeniable that certain politicians, media types and the civil-rights-for-hire agitators benefit by the relentlessly pounded charges whereby white folk are charged, tried and convicted in absentia of being “fortunate” bigots, racists and all-around evil-doers.

But when you consider those aforementioned stats, it seems to me that the black folk have far, far less to fear from the white folk than they do from their own communities.

I’m just saying.

I find it hard to believe that our County government would allow a derelict railroad bridge that transverses the Susquehanna river to be purchased by a local man.

First of all, what was he going to do with it? Fix it? Was he going to have the bridge rebuilt even though it leads to a miles-long rail bed that most likely needs to be completely replaced, even if (that’s a huge if) anyone would have considered using it again. Face it, it is a bridge to nowhere.

Secondly, we river paddlers have been publishing pictures of that bridge’s fast-deteriorating foundation for years on end. The running joke has been that you ought to paddle like all hell when you arrive at the failing bridge so as to not be crushed by it when it finally drops.

So, with that having been typed, what, was it a closely guarded secret that this bridge was destined to fail, and sooner rather than later? Why allow a failing river bridge to be purchased by a local on a supposed whim? What was the point of that sale? Why relinquish control of a hulking structure---for a measly $5,000---soon to become a public safety issue?

When it drops (and it will), it will become a strainer during the next high-water event. It will trap floating debris until it finally dams the river, with the potential to remove both West Pittston and Exeter from the map.

Anyway, the way I see it, the sale of that obviously dilapidated bridge was yet another egregious mistake made by our elected and appointed “leaders.”

Sez me.



Aggie95 said...

You want a few more numbers that will make you wonder this .... interracial crime .... now if those numbers are to be believed what does that suggest to you

D.B. Echo said...

This "sale" sounds like a convenient way to transfer funds from buyer to seller with a thin veneer of legitimacy. It's not like the buyer is in any way financially responsible for the repair, upkeep, or removal of their purchase. That's what taxpayers are for.

Aggie95 said...

I suspect what Leo was up to was he was figuring to sell the metal for scrap .... and leave the piers there for someone else to deal with

Mark Cour said...

Yeah, I know...I hear that.

Turns out, our "leaders" will hand off our safety to the highest bidder at a public auction.

Makes one wonder about the proprietary aspect of fracking.