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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Staycation II or: Barry's coming Sh*t Storm

Now that the Great Heat Storm of 2013 is histoire, we can no longer blame our bad behavior on "heat rage."

On a political note, I'm stunned to learn that the Senate passed Resolution 65, whereby the U.S. claims to be all in for a third world war if and when Israel decides it needs to bomb, bomb, bomb; bomb, bomb Iran.

Yeah, a conflagration of historical proportions sounds like a great idea while the powder keg that is the Middle East further devolves into chaos, and the U.S. economy teeters on the tippy top of a ramshackle house of cards. Nice! Smart. How's that pillar of our foreign policy---Arab Spring---looking now?

The Russians have evacuated their millitary forces from Tartus, Syria, while keeping a naval task force on alert and very closeby. Those very same Russians are shipping some of their most advanced surface-to-air missiles to Syria in anticipation of a possible Israeli, American or NATO air bombardment. American's have recently been deployed to Turkey, Syria, Israel, Jordan and the Suez. Two U.S. amphibious assualt ships remain off the coast of Egypt, with 2,600 Marines on alert. Iran's Republican Guard have been forward-deployed to Syria, as have Hezbollah and Hamas forces. Israel has called up it's reserves, this after having launched at least two air sorties into Syria. And they have deployed their Iron Dome missile interceptors to cities far and wide.

And while the Stratego pieces are all being put in place at a quickening pace, our incompetant leader tells us he could have been shot to death because of the color of his skin 35 years ago, even though he was at that time a slacker, an admitted pothead attending an exclusive school.

Meanwhile, the Democrats want us to believe that the invading, illegal hordes need to be legalized, same-sex marriages need to be the 'norm and abortions need to skyrocket so as to save Amerika herself.

Trust me, I would not want a "D" before my name when those next mid-term elections come about. Well, then again, that's assuming that the DOJ, DOD, NEST, IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA, DEA, EPA and the DCNR are not all actively working to suppress the Republican turnout.

With that having been typed, they probably are.

Basically, we are but one ill-advised high-velocity round short of a major military entanglement and the economic downturn that would surely follow. So much for Oblahblah's "red line" having been drawn in the blood-soaked Syrian sands. So much for the so-called economic "recovery." So much for Democrats making nice with the world.

But on a lighter note, I'm still enjoying some much-deserved time off from work.

"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around."


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