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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The new plague

I've only seen one this bad.

It was at a public housing unit in which the walls were covered with fecal material from cove base to ceiling.

The tenants were relocated with only the clothes on their backs, with the rest of their worldly possessions  having been shrink-wrapped and trucked off to the landfill.

We removed the receptacles, the cove base, window trims, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, lighting fixtures, etc., etc., etc. We made trip after trip while trying to get things under control, but to no avail.

Finally, I drove a speed bit through the drywall, revealing the fact that the little sumbitches were behind the drywall. And being that the joint had blown-in insulation between every stud and every cripple, there was no way to eliminate the invaders.

So, the entire unit had to be completely gutted from the slab to the roof rafters. Gutted. Completely. Gone. Party over. And the adjoining units were treated for weeks on end.

Total cost to housing authority? Last I heard, about $50,000.


And know this: the entire disaster started when the tenants brought home a hand-me-down couch.

My advice to you? Be very leary of used furniture, garage and yard sales.


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