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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Go! Go! Go Speed Racer

I'm the type that travels at the posted speed limits.

Yep, that's me. You've raced past me hundreds of times. I'm one of those guys that passed the defensive driving course for truckers. I'm one of those guys that was trained to spot a hazard well before it becomes an emergency.

And from what I'm seeing, the lot of you are hazards bordering on emergencies simply because you drive too damn fast. There is no recognition of the speed limits, no safe following distance, no notice of yield signs, etc. There is no courtesy. And there is no civility. And yet, you wonder where your children get it from.

And when I drive on past your vehicle sitting on it's roof, know that I'll be chuckling at your apparent stupidity.



Forty Fort Dude said...

If you look over the Trooper's shoulder you can see my black helmet. My back was to you, otherwise I would have waved. As bad as people are driving day to day, the get ten times worse when traffic is backed up for an accident. I saw at least five near misses that day because of rubbernecking.

Don said...


Drove down and back to Arlington, VA yesterday, mostly on Rte. 95. I'm no saint when it comes to observing speed limits...but there were times I thought I was on the Autobahn. If I do anything right, it's keeping a (very) safe distance between me and the cars ahead of me. On idiot was weaving from lane to lane doing at least 90, if not more. Fool.

Mark Cour said...

Don: I'm no Saint. But I do feel the need to drive responsibly while I'm transporting dangerous substances.

Sadly, people do not share in that need when they are transporting their own children.

FF Dude: That northbound backup was all due to the folks with the rubber necks. As soon as I passed the accident scene, it was off to the races all over again.

It's nuts.

Aggie95 said...

now thats a happy kid and I'll bet he didn't get that wat playing video games

Mark Cour said...

Zach is a really good kid, but it saddens me to have to witness him suffering through the trials and tribulations that is marital discord.

I thought I was going to be the only member of my immediate family to have to grow up in a sh*tstorm.

I was mistaken.