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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Commodities: Can't live without 'em

Not only am I a certified, bonded and licensed expert on the behavior and biology of wood-destroying insects, I am very close to being certified by the State of PA for the fumigation of structures as well as commodities.

Fact is, both you, yours and your pets have likely consumed foodstuffs that were fumigated during storage, and during or after transport. You see, when rodents or grain-destroying insects infest said commodities, they are not necessarily destroyed. Most often, they are fumigated, later processed and still later consumed.

So, when a trailer is delivered by truck and the cargo is infested, the load is fumigated before being unloaded. When shipping containers are known to have stowaways, a fumigant is called for before shipping. And in the case of railway boxcars, the same is true. Fumigation is not cheap, but it's more economically feasible than the wholesale destruction of commodities under attack.

To put it another way, Markie is soon going to be dealing in poison gases. And trust me, it's far more interesting and challenging than you might want to imagine.

So, call me what you will, but I'll soon be working to ensure the delivery of the many, many commodities you desire and/or require.



Aggie95 said...

I ain't going to sleep tonight because of this

Mark Cour said...

Enjoy your Cheerios.

Aggie95 said...

LOL.... thanks Mark...oh I saw pictures of that battleship you call a kyack ..... I have a boat of my own and when I saw that picture I thought now that is pretty damned cool .... a yacht you can break down and put in the station wagon and big enough to take the entire population of Pringle with you ... if so inclined

Mark Cour said...

The U.S.S. Lego.

I expect it'll be much longer for next year's R-Fest event.