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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm no Rising

As far as I’m concerned, this is very bad news…

NBC Sports Radio to replace The Mountain at 102.3 FM

Since I dumped local talk radio between 3 pm and 7 pm a while back, I’ve become addicted to The Mountain. Loved the hour of Beatles every Sunday. I enjoy the wildly erratic, always meandering Cathy Donnelly.

Fact is, I cannot bare a return to Rock 107, since those folks steadfastly insist on playing Radar Love freaking day-in and freaking day-out. A little known fact about myself is I freaking hate Radar Love, that pedestrian, near mindless drivel!!!!!!!

Sorry about that.

I certainly can’t go back to that metal channel. I mean, I can listen to metal, but not all day long. Besides, darn near anyone can jack into a distortion pedal, crash, bash and rumble the foundation loose. You’d swear I’ve done it, right?

The big honcho at Entercom says he can’t “monetize” The Mountain. Really? So how is there a jump in profitability in going head-to-head with the other local sports stations?

Oops. Forgot. Eliminate jobs, it’s the Amerikan way. And corporate Amerika can’t figure out why the country to going to hell in front of their very eyes? No jobs. No benefits. No options but to suck on the Govmint teat. Whatever.

I wonder if this is the same honcho who accepted our $35,000 advertising check, and then called one of our competitors when the swarmers got to swarming? That was a nice, class move.

Yep, the same outfit that has The Joe Thomas, one of this area’s most entertaining talk jocks working over a board instead of where he should be working…over a microphone. The same one that put the kibosh to Joe's wildly entertaining sports talk show?

Ah, what do I know about radio?

Although, I was nominated to do talk radio back in 2001 or so when Entercom made Fred Williams take a walk. True story. I was nominated---by name---by a few callers. As a result, I was even invited to do a demo or some such thing. Sadly, I had to decline.

You see, Entercom has this Christmas soiree when they gather together all of their on-air personalities for a night of, well, for a night of drinking. And the way I pictured it, if I got a few too many in me at the big drinking soiree, there was a certain WARM refugee I would have surely invited out to the parking lot for a quick (very quick) round of fisticuffs. Why keep with the smack-talking on the radio when we could do it person?

And being one of those left-leaning beta males, he would have run away, complained to management and had me fired. Anyway, it wasn’t meant to be.

Besides, I’m no Rising.



Michelle Hryvnak Davies said...

I got an email yesterday from the station yesterday that said the Mountain is moving to 98.5 HD2. Apparently you need an HD radio (whatever the hell that is) to listen to it. My car is relatively new and doesn't have an HD radio. They also said you can still listen to the channel via the website. Doesn't help much when you are stuck in the car all day.

I also like The Joe Thomas :)

Mark Cour said...

You know my history...I am not afraid of new technologies. But I have no idea about any HD radio, nor do I want any idea about it.

I have never sent a text. I'm not a Tweet twit. If you took a gander at my so-called cell phone, you might pee yourself laughing.

I don't understand the need to be connected to whatever, especially when my employer is expecting me to be productive.

I'm not a dinosaur, but I could play one on TV.

Joe rocks! He's almost as juvenile as I am.