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Friday, April 2, 2010

Daniels & Henry?

Right from the get-go, I want to address a couple of issues sent my way via the reader’s comments and email.

I know the “Darnell” segments were syndicated, or whatever they called it back in the day when the shock jocks were paid to shock.

And I was in no way suggesting that John Webster is, or was, a racist. My point was, with Webster headed to the talk radio format, it would not shock me in the least if the subject of racism came up on WILK, and a caller then tried to paint Webster as a racist by hanging that Darnell bit around his neck.

With that said, I turned my radio on this morning to find Cathy Donnelly filling in for Sue Henry. And according to two of my imaginary sources, we might expect it to be announced very soon that Rock 107 will be soon unveiling the Daniels & Henry Show.

Or the Daniels & Lynn Show?

I dunno.

Even though I doubt he’d remember me, I once spent an entire day with John Webster, as well as his sidekick Jay Daniels, many moons ago, during one of those ARC-sponsored “Taste of the Valley” events that used to be held at the Kingston Armory.

I was representing my company, Franklin’s Family Restaurants, and handing out free samples of our signature dessert, freshly-made strawberry pie. And he and Daniels were situated right next door at the Rock 107 booth, handing out free beers supplied by an NEPA-based beer distributorship. And my three kids were also there, ranging far and wide collecting goodies and pigging out. This had to be circa 1988 or so.

The way the things shook down, the Rock 107 booth was very popular with the guys, while handing out free beers and all. And our booth was immensely popular with the women, dishing out the best pies ever produced in these here demented parts of ours.

And I remember three incidents in particular. One lady approached us and went on and on and on at length about how she absolutely adored, absolutely lived for our strawberry pie. She was excitedly gushing. It was that good, the pie.

So Webster leaned on over towards our booth and told the overly excited woman, “Lady, get a freaking grip.”

I cracked up, big time.

And when my first-born, Peace, arrived back at our booth proudly showing off that a face-painter had delivered to her face the Paul Stanley star-around-the-eye and the rest of the trademark greasepaint look, John Webster said something to Jay Daniels about how they may be permanently scarring the youth of the area by playing so much KISS on Rock 107.

Funny stuff, for sure.

And then there was this lady wide enough to block the Straight of Gibraltar doing much the same thing--gushing over the thought of yet another slice of strawberry pie--when in swooped John Webster with a verbal jab about how maybe she had had enough of our legendary slices of pie.

I giggled at first, but I quickly caught myself being that I was standing there eye-to-eye with one of my semi-regular customers who was just insulted by what used to be called a “shock jock.”

Anyway, reign in those email attacks, will you? I have nothing against John Webster, nor did I call him a racist. And much unlike the anonymous folks sending incendiary and inflammatory comments all over the Internet, I have actually met John Webster and found him to be quick-witted, engaging, funny as all hell and quite amiable.

If you ask me, John Webster and WILK will turn out to be the perfect marriage. And truth be told, I am looking forward to his April 12th debut.

It’ll sure beat the sophomoric, one-sided, close-minded efforts of that other short-tempered, name-calling guy…old what’s his name.



D.B. Echo said...

I'm still disappointed at the way this has all fallen out. I was hoping that Mr. Gasper would be replacing that strident, pompous ass Corbett, whose show I've occasionally had the displeasure of overhearing. I would actually look forward to hearing that show, even though I know he and I have our differences in worldview. I've never actually listened to Kevin Lynn, so I have no opinion.

But I am very diappointed that "Webster" would be up against his own former program in the morning. Did he think this would somehow not be an issue? And I can't believe that he, or his future employer, would not have sought legal advice to see if the six-month "do not compete" clause was actually applicable.

Big Dan said...

You spent a day many MORONS ago with Gasper? I have a name for the new show: The Nancy and Gasper Show

Big Dan said...

I put your link up on my blog, but I called it "Circumcision for Dummies". I'll change it, it's just a joke.

zorcong said...

I've seen the "non-compete" thing play out a few times while with my current employer.

From what I've seen, even though we all signed these things a long time ago, employees did leave and they are competing against us.

I know litigation was invloved. But the end result is, in my opinion, those clauses have no real teeth.

Big Dan said...

btw...I, too, loved those strawberry pies from Franklin's. I used to make my mother buy one to take home. I thought of another name for the new show: "The Nancy and Gasper the Friendly Ghost Show". Nuthin'??? Sorry. Would you believe "The Nancy and Swami Salami Show"? How about "The Nancy and the washed up 70's rock jock Show"? No??? How about: "Nancy and 'Webster' Show (wink wink)". "Different Strokes". OOPS! That was Gary Coleman, not Webster! Sorry! The Nancy and Erkel Show???

Big Dan said...

I got it! "The Nancy and the Deal Fell Through Show"!!! That's the ticket!!!

zorcong said...

How about a Hip Hop/Rap-like spelling...Websta'?

Nancy goes by her maiden name, I think. Her husband's last name wouldn't happen to be Daniels, would it?

Daniels & Websta' anyone?

Anonymous said...

The morning news without Kevin Lynn has been very pleasurable to listen to. Now if they get rid of Corbett; we can rid talk radio of asshole naysayers and rabble rousers.

zorcong said...

That is has.

And I'm hoping that Nancy Kman will slowly but surely return to her pre-Kevin days, when she wasn't so completely caught up in Kevin's "Us Vs. Republicans" daily tirades.

As for Corbett, his "Do as I say, not as I once repeatedly did" act has gotten so stale, it amazes me that anyone still bothers to call him.

Did you catch the caller yesterday afternoon that called him a "jerk" for running loose around the Hill section of Scranton in his "Judo uniform?" Funny as all hell.

Every chance he gets, he reminds us that violence is not the way to go. But at the same time, he also likes to remind us that he could bring ultra violence to us if and when the need arises.

He's henpecked.