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Friday, February 5, 2010

Here's hoping Lomax got it right

I'm listening to WILK's Steve Corbett right now, and he is spitting mad. He's wound tighter than Barack Obama during the fast-fading president's child-like State of My Anger address to Congress. And he's throwing out stuff like "libel" and "defamation of character."

Why? Because of this Rube Lomax report from Electric City:

Which reminds me: the local rumor mill is grinding that Scranton carpetbagger and WILK whiner Steve Corbett is trying hard to latch his wannabe star on a nationally syndicated FOX radio show through his worship of all things Sara Palin. Allegedly, he’s working to impress Greta Van Sustern via her husband John P. Coale, who worked locally on the Hillary Clinton campaign. Corbett became acquainted with Coale through the Rodham brothers (his good buddies and Hillary’s wearisome siblings) which is why he’s now got his sights on a national show, hence his lips on the derriere of all things Palin-related. Perhaps he and Caribou Barbie could team up together. Now that would make for some good talk radio!


Full "Rude Rube" column.

Here's Corbett's self-aggrandizing, self-important, self-immolating reaction from his WILK blog page: Thanks for listening

Check this excerpt:

My wife and I bought a big old house in the Hill section that’s loaded with stained-glass and hard wood that shines and sometimes seems to breathe because our home is so alive. We put down our own deep roots, built a Zen garden of stillness and committed our lives to making each other and the people with whom we share our city and region as happy and as empowered as possible.

Every day I encourage people to find their own voice, to stand against generations of political corruption and express themselves in the fight to make Northeastern Pennsylvania a stronger, better and more honest community.

My wife has dedicated herself to working as a community organizer upon whom her co-workers depend to help them in the fight for what is right and true and honest. That’s how neighborhoods grow. That’s how people grow. That’s how life gets better for everybody.

I'll bet he had tears in his eyes after he penned that bit. Makes you wonder how we'd have gotten by had the Corbett Volkswagon bus not headed back to Pennsylvania from California.

Anywho, the Lomax pitch sounds eerily familiar to this one posted at WILK Watcher but a few days ago:

Radio Rumors

There have been some rumors circulating on other media boards about a possible shake up at WILK. That a huge local talent maybe jumping to the talk show venue.

Then again, Steve Corbett could never be called a "huge local talent," could he? Nah. No way, no how. Not unless excessive decibels levels count as on-air radio talent. So perhaps the anonymous "watcher" is not so specifically referring to someone else at WILK.

Hmmm...huge local talent?

I know, maybe Sue Henry is poised to join Michelle Obama's inner circle as the Chief or Protocol, or something. Ah, never mind. Er, she's probably bolting to be the tamborine player for The Hold Steady, some band she's really keen on but I have yet to hear. I don't know. Ask Lomax, not me.

Anyway, Corbett had the editor of the offending weekend rag on his WILK talk show this afternoon. And Corbett huffed, and Corbett puffed, and said editor gave him the long, slow, professional version of 'go pound sand,' when the subject of a retraction by the weekend paper came up.

Being that this is an overly litigious society, Corbett ought to cash this one in--ka-ching! Suing people? Hell, it's like Mountain Dew--everybody's doing it. So, why not the California Kid?

He could take his huge settlement, his alfalfa sprout shakes, his salmon burgers, his peace and love and yoga and bongos and his Woodstock mentality and head off into the sunset to his final love-in on the beach.

Peace, brother.

Still, a huge, huge, HUGE part of me hopes that the Lomax thing might not be so far off target as Corbett would have us believe.

Think about it. No more shouting. No more spitting on the mic. No more sh*tty polka. No more repetitively boring reggae gibberish. No more Corbett as the new, undisputed center of the universe. No more taking credit for bringing light to subjects that are old news to some of us. And most importantly, no more Corbett.

Here's hoping Lomax got it right.



Anonymous said...

if nancy were not out od commission she would have squashed his show friday. many at wilk speculatw plenty. if he was so defamed and libled then man up and sue. he would be laughed out of court. what are the damages? he had a hot topic for four hours? the only damages i see is if the rumor were true and fox pulled out because it became public. and to all the heynas that called in : fox also synicates radio, corbett would not have been on tv

sexyfemalemuscle said...

Actually, this was not the rumor to which I referred. But it made me listen again.