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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stupor Bowl preview

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

I know I am.

I've read just about all that there is to read about this game. And despite the "Peyton knows best" gibberish that is the safe pick adhered to by almost all of the would-be prognosticators, I still think the deadly-accurate Drew Brees wins this one for "The Aint's," that team we all know and love as The Saints.

Yeah, according to all of the so-called experts on sports talk radio, Reggie Bush is the wild card in this one. Yes, according to the experts, Bush just might freak out and win this game all on his own. While I understand that mindset, that perspective, it needs to be noted that none of those so-called experts honestly believe that will come to pass. Instead, they wholeheartedly feel that Peyton Manning's remarkable command of the "Static O" offense will again rule the day. Um, considering the start time, rule the night.

I don't see it that way.

Knowing how versatile the Saint's offense is, and knowing Brees' propensity for hitting the open man no matter what the original play call may have been, I'm thinking the Saints prevail in this one. And I'm also thinking that Pierre Thomas, David Thomas and Robert Meachem--one of them--will be the difference in this game. Most likely Meachem.

And to the democrats, liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, welfare patients, or whatever name you're hiding behind of late, did you boys happen to notice that a woman--Sarah Palin--called out your trainee president from the pulpit of the Tea Party convention when she scolded Barack Oblahblah by saying, "...you better stop lecturing and start listening?"


Oh, the nerve. The nerve of that woman.

Now, I know you so-called progressives hate women as evidenced by your electoral throwing under the bus of Hillary Clinton, the presumptive presidential nominee. And your irrational and overly exuberant hatred of Sarah Palin is quite apparent, if not, downright troubling. Sickening, in fact. It's sickening to read the words of the men who can not stand strong women. Men who can not stand strong women? Oh, you know, Moscow-leaning democrats.

Yes, you are all-inclusive, until chicks want in. I saw it happen. I got it. And I'm watching it happen as you wimps practically freak out over Sarah Palin's every spoken word. Yes, you're for the underdog, you're for the little guy, the guy not trusted in the shower, the black guy, the bomb-laden guy, the peanut farmer, the shameless philanderer.... just not the chick. Anything but a chick. But I digress.

Then again, you better stop lecturing and start listening.

Saints by 16.

But don't quote me on that.


Editor's note: Go, Meachem, go!!

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