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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No room for Harry Haas?

From the Citizens' Voice:

Full update: Pizzella to plead guilty tomorrow
Dave Janoski Published: February 3, 2010

Wilkes-Barre Area School Board President Frank Pizzella Jr. is scheduled to appear in federal court Thursday to plead guilty in a bribery case.

According to the plea agreement filed today in district court, Pizzella will plead guilty to the felony indictment filed in September. Pizzella originally pleaded not guilty to federal charges that he brokered a $5,000 bribery deal between a prospective teacher and a board member.

So we're up to three. Three members of the Wilkes-Barre Area School (Bribe) Board are now transitioning their way towards the hoosegow. What is it, a seven member board? And we've got three fast heading towards convictions and incarceration. Predictably, our clueless school director said they all served admirably. As if.

And we are now leading all of the other 5,000 or so school districts in this county in the number of school board members copping pleas, pleading guilty or intentionally having their sentencing delayed. Pittston Area, the Vo-Tech babysitter, Valley West, they ain't got nuthin' on Wilkes-Barre Area.

Meanwhile, we've got two high schools desperately in need of millions upon millions in renovations. And we've got a third high school in need of major renovations while it's sinking into the river sludge, or the mines, or some such thing.

And remarkably, the voters did not elect Harry Haas, a bright young mind, a committed educator and a guy not real big on what made this county a backwards joke in the first place--nepotism and corruption. And why wasn't the best and brightest of the motley bunch elected to the school board? Why? Because he's a registered republican, that's why.

Shame on them.

Kayak Dude has posted some new pictures on his site. Pics of flooded drilling sites. Little, unimportant stuff like that.

The link: Susquehanna River Sentinel

By the way, that's his old site. Not the new, under construction site.

You know you're getting old, or stale, or perhaps even boring when this happens.

Or maybe you're simply perceived as being too, too much of a traditionalist, which is code for evil republican. No biggie. Life goes on, as does Markie.


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