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Friday, February 12, 2010

Think it through

Data Dude, you know I love and respect you, but I have to respond to this one. Don't go getting all enraged on us over it.

D.B. Echo said...

"Miss me yet?" Do we get to throw three balls for a dollar? And if we hit the target, does he fall in water?

Employers just have to lay off existing employees and replace them with new hires. Lower pay, no grandfathered benefits, and a $5000 tax credit! And after six months, the old employees fall off the unemployment rolls, so it's like they never existed.

At some point I'm going to write about the one lesson Obama should have learned from Bush, but did't.

February 11, 2010 10:04

First of all, the '3 balls for a buck" bit cracked me up. With that said, if Dubya were to fall into the water after a ball or two, the left would surely assail him for having done so. Then again, if all three balls were to miss the mark and Dubya didn't hit the bottom of the dunk tank, that would be pointed to as proof of some conspiracy against the common man.

Admit it, repetition is reputation. And we both know how that one was perpetrated by the democrats and a willing press. There was no love him or hate him, it was eight tiring years of hate, hate, hate and hate him some more. In the end, proof that far too many of us are easily manipulated.

No biggie, but I don't want this to devolve into being the four billionth referendum on George W. Bush. Oh, god no!

Rather, I'd like to address that second part, that part that smacks of an innate and irrational hatred and distrust of all things Big Business in Amerika, yet another constant target of the repetition/reputation thing.

Some years ago, as a general manager, I was hit with a triple whammy. In very short order, I was stung by the opening of both Red Lobster and Chi-Chi's (both unique to this area at the time and both but hundreds of yards away), as well as PENNDOT's decision to remove Kidder Street and start over from the ancient base up. No exaggeration, for an entire summer, I had an oft-flooded moat out front where the busy street used to be. The end result was a 9% drop in sales versus the previous fiscal year.

Needless to say, everyone involved was directly affected, and basically, peeved with me. My district manager worked to get to the root of the problem, rather than admit that I was an incident bystander at the time. The employees, faced with less hours, less overtime and less tip income dropped hints about visiting greener pastures. And personally, my quarterly bonus took a major hit, as well as my previously unscathed record as a general manager.

Anyway, at 9% down, we were working with a skeleton staff during the lesser of the day parts, and with reduced staffing levels otherwise. And with less employee hours scheduled per day parts, I was leaving myself vulnerable whereas trying to ensure good service was concerned. So long story short, the first to be cut, the first to be let go and the first to be scheduled far less hours than they wanted were the very weakest of the employees.

My key employees, my strong employees, my department heads and my trainers suffered far less of an income loss than did the weaker employees. So, in effect, at 9% down, I surrounded myself with only the best of the best, and bid the rest a heartfelt 'hang in there.' And many of those employees did not hang in there.

Now, as for your assertion that Corporate Amerika will cut capable employees for trainees just to cash in on the suggested tax incentives, that's hogwash.

That might work on an assembly line, where yet another monkey can be taught to affix an imported hub cap to a wheel just in from Canada. But, we must also consider that manufacturing jobs have also become about as scarce as Democrats big on morals.

At 20% down, or 25% down, no company worth it's weight in rubber dog sh*t would cut into a skeleton staff of proven employees, replace them with inexperienced trainees, and all for a tax incentive. And at 25% down, what would there be a need to produce?

No, big business realizes that the current administration imported from Chicago is clueless, and as a matter of fact, has been outwardly hostile to big business as well as small. And that's exactly why big business is prepared to hunker down and wait 'til next we vote. Because big business is hoping that the next administration is comprised, at least in part, by people who understand what drives and motivates a free market, capitalist country.

Bush may have been too cozy with big business interests, as you democrats have howled about all along. But the necessary correction to that is not to elect people who openly despise big business, people who openly chide big business and people who openly promise to punish big business.

The fact is, right now, Obama and his cast of commies need big business more than big business needs Obama and crew. So if the anti-business creeps keep it up, big business will not expand on their troubled watch, millions upon millions of angered Americans will remain jobless and big business and the jobless combined will work to defeat them at the polls.

Uncertainty coupled with cluelessness will not make this economy hum any time soon. And therein lies Obama's rapid undoing.

And as far as job creation goes, if big business doesn't create jobs, who will? Obama? Obama and his bumbling cast of lashing-out Marxists?

Yeah, that'll happen right after Cuba and Mars sign a defense pact.

Dude, you cannot be that far gone. No insult intended, but think it through.


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