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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mayor McCormick?

As of this date, I have signed Eddie Day Pashinski's nominating petition. I have also signed Tom Leighton's petition. And I theatrically declined a friendly invite to sign one of Uncle Paul Kanjorski's petitions.

Paul Kanjorski? Jesus! I'd rather be doused with gasoline and...

Anyway, here's the "what if" post as it pertains to Wilkes-Barre's possible immediate future.

If Mayor Tom Leighton makes it all the way to Harrisburg, if he ascends to replace the retiring Ray Musto, then Wilkes-Barre would need a replacement mayor.

Since (as of this typing) our city council members are (off the record) saying they have no interest at all in serving as the next mayor, and since City Administrator J.J. Murphy was forward-deployed to Haiti and his exact status as a city employee at this very moment is in doubt, the only available candidate to leap frog over the entire cabal and replace a then senator-elect Leighton would be the Deputy City Administrator, Marie McCormick.

Of course, the city council would have to vote to send her up the ladder to the mayoralship, but as of this writing, that is not only a possibility, it is a distinct possibility depending upon how Tom Leighton fares in his bid for a state senate seat.

Say it with me...Mayor McCormick.

No! Not Maureen! Not Maureen McCormick! Not Marcia!

Mayor Marie McCormick.

What is it with you people? Why is it always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia?


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