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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too big to be fouled?

Even though the hydraulic fracturing process is yet to get underway in Luzerne County (although, the drilling permits are in the works, kiddies), it's well underway in a couple of counties to our north.

Just in to CFD (that's Circumlocution for Dummies for you Obama supporters) is this new link...Frack Mountain...which, so far, is an informational portal on all things fricking fracking. And being that our potable water supply is soon, very soon, to come under direct hydro fracturing assault, we need as many online activists as is humanly possible.

As a result of that new link, I was watching some videos and following some of the links, when I had this epiphany of sorts. Well, perhaps it wouldn't rank with the all-time great epiphanies, but I got to wondering if this Marcellus Shale drilling would become a make-or-break issue before next we vote for keeps in November.

I can't see it becoming an issue for Paul Kanjorski in the 11th because nothing in Luzerne County has exploded as of yet, and no one as of this writing has gotten second-degree burns from their tap water just yet. Yeah, with the key word being "yet."

But what about the 10th Congressional district where challengers to Congressman Chris Carney seem to be coming out of the lean-to well sheds?

He resides in Dimock Township, where the Marcellus drilling is well underway, and where ghastly incidents a plenty have made the newspapers. Still, with the congressman's own water supply in play, and with a groundswell of discontent fomenting practically in his back yard, he has yet to make a definative public statement of any sort whereas the possible contamination of the local water supply is concerned.

What say you Mr. 1st Term Democrat surrounded by republican constituents drinking from their wells, do you think exploding glasses of Kool-Aid need to be dismissied as the price we pay for progress? Is this a workable energy policy? Short term profits for newfound long term Superfund issues?

I don't know much about his electoral challengers, nor do I really care about them, but it seems to me that at least one of those boys in the northern farmbelt should challenge the standoffish congressman on this issue.

Mr. Carney, now that you're all done providing questionable intel that led directly to a live shooting war, where do you stand on the pumping of millions of gallons of carcinagens into the local water supply? What say you Mr. Carney? Drilling companies got your tongue?

Is our water supply too big to fail, er, too big to be fouled?

Answer me that.



Donald John Williams said...


I could write for hours about my views on how Chris Carney has (mis)handled this whole Marcellus thing...but with over a foot of snow on the ground and a ~100' driveway to shovel...don't have the time. I do believe it will be a top 3 issue as we approach the countdown to election day.

D.B. Echo said...

I keep thinking of the different angles that will come into play here. Those who stand against rempant irresposible scorched-earth extraction will be accused of standing in the way of progress, of trying to thwart America's Energy Independence (begin humming "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" as you read those words), of being for Big Government and More Regulations and...

All bullshit, of course. But how do we respond?

Anonymous said...

carney is in his second term

zorcong said...

2nd term, yeah, you're right.

It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that then-Congressman Sherwood went and deep-sixed his position by thinking with his, his, his you-know-what.

What a dunce.

Absolute power corrupts the easily-corruptible.

Something like that.