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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The latest from O'Brien and Toohil

From the email inbox:

This afternoon, I sent the attached letter to Paul Kanjorski's campaign manager, inviting the Congressman to participate in 10 candidate forums with Corey O'Brien throughout PA-11 prior to the Democratic primary election to be held on May 18th, 2010.

We believe that in this critical election year, it is vitally important for voters to hear from both candidates, so that voters can fairly and accurately assess the candidates' records and positions on the issues. We have proposed Nanticoke, Kanjorski's hometown, as the site of the first of these candidate forums.

Justin F. Carroll
Campaign Manager

Corey O'Brien for Congress
(570) 343

Markie sez: Ain't gonna freakin' happen. The all-knowing and all-powerful Uncle Paulie would not lower himself by appearing at the same venue with a lowly peon of any sort. Especially some upstart kid still wet behind the political ears. Uncle Paul is an arrrogant sort. So if O'Brien keeps on buzzing around, Uncle Paul will simply reach for the Deep Woods version of Off!

From Luzerne GOP dot com:

Republican Tarah Toohil, candidate for Pennsylvania's 119th Legislative District, called on state Rep. Todd Eachus, D-Butler Township, to return per diem money he used to pay his mortgage.
In a statement released Feb. 23, Toohil said:

"Taxpayers are outraged at the House Majority Leader's abuse of per diems.

"This abuse of the system is another reason why I'm running for office. It is wrong for Todd Eachus to collect per diem money while owning a home in Harrisburg.

"It is wrong for him to use per diems to pay his mortgage and make a property investment for himself.

"This money must be repaid to the taxpayers. "

You go girl! Besides, that dude is starting to look like Barry Bonds from the neck up. And that isn't a good thing by any measure.

I gotta admit, if they keep on giving me an excuse, I'll just keep on posting her picture. Hell, she's cuter than Sue Whats-her-name on the radio.


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