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Thursday, February 4, 2010

GOP news

From the email inbox:

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Feb. 4, 2010
Lisa Baker Seeks Second State Senate Term

Expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to serve and for the local support she has received, state Senator Lisa Baker is asking voters for a second four-year term.

"People want leaders who are conservative on spending and taxes, who have an ability to get results on matters of the public interest, and who possess a strong sense of ethics. Those are standards I try to meet every day," Baker said.

"When I first ran for office, I pledged to work to control the growth of state government and to secure reforms that people believe necessary. There have been some notable successes in terms of significant spending cuts and adoption of an open records law, but there is much more to do. I hope to have the chance to use my experience and determination to achieve better results from state government," she stated.

She voted against measures that take Pennsylvania in the wrong direction and hurt her district, including state tax increases and the attempt to toll I-80.

During her three years in office, Senator Baker actively pushed legislation, proved accessible throughout the district, and demonstrated accountability by accepting only actual expenses, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars. "I listen to the concerns people express, discuss issues with individuals and groups across the district, and make sure that state officials respond to the problems, projects, and priorities that emerge in our communities."

Senator Baker is a key player in the effort to strike the right balance in the gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale, allowing the region to realize the jobs and economic benefits while ensuring that water and land are properly protected.

As a committee chair, she pushed through legislation long sought by veterans and volunteer emergency responders. "I believe we have a special obligation to those who serve to defend freedom and to protect our communities."

Baker took the lead in introducing legislation to respond to the notorious "kids for cash" scandal in Luzerne County. Her proposals include remedies for the victims of the scandal and preventative measures to strengthen the juvenile justice system against future corruption.
Senator Baker is pressing for action on legislation to reform the budget process and prevent a budget crisis such as occurred in 2009, when the state budget was signed 101 days past the deadline.

The Rev. Chuck Gommer and Gen. Dan O’Neill will once again serve as the campaign co-chairmen. Alvin Cragle will continue to serve as the committee treasurer.

Can you say...shoo-in?



Anonymous said...

Well since no one is running against her.. is there??

zorcong said...

Well, there's that.

But my greater point was, even if gaggles of challengers far and wide were coming out of the culm piles...she'd still be a shoo-in.

In my limited estimation, she's destined for bigger and, ahem, better things.

Don't much matter to me, though.