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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dragons on the Susquehanna @ W-B

Uh, okay. Whatever. I suppose. I guess. Why not?

Zachary Cour, our miniaturized 3-time RiverFest 'river rodent' is afraid of dragonflies. But I seriously doubt that full-blown dragons cutting through the mighty armada of kayaks will bother him all that much. Yeah, and dragons can fly!

The link: Dragons will race at Riverfest

The excerpted stuff: WILKES-BARRE – Every year on the weekend of Wyoming Valley Riverfest, the typically austere riverscape of the Susquehanna is transformed by the appearance of a few hundred colorful kayaks and canoes traveling en masse.

This year, visitors to Riverfront Park will see something new cutting through the murky waters: the heads of dragons.

While paddlers participating in the Susquehanna Sojourn will again be among the river’s travelers on the weekend of June 17-19, dragon boat racing is a new addition to the Riverfest activities.

“The attraction is the spectacle of it,” said John Maday, a Riverfront Park Committee member who organized the dragon boat racing exhibition.

Dragon boats, about 40 feet long, seat 20 paddlers, two-abreast, plus a drummer seated near the bow and a steersman who stands at the stern. The drummer sets the rhythm to keep the rowing synchronized.


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