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Thursday, May 19, 2011

W-B Republicans facing an uphill battle

No matter what, come November we will have a new controller in Wilkes-Barre. And at the very least, we'll have 3 new people ascending to City Council seats.

The surviving candidates are as follows, with their primary vote totals following their names...

Karen Ceppa (R) - 817
Kathy Kane (D) – 3,157


District A
Claire M. Wert (R) - 145
George C. Brown (D) - 508

District B
Vincent Guarneri (R) - 107
Tony George (D) - 609

District C
Stephen J. Urban (R) - 138
Maureen Lavelle (D) - 332

District D
Linda J. Urban (R) - 150
Bill Barrett (D) - 752

District E
Virgil Argenta (R) - 128
Mike Merritt (D) - 464

The voter turnout on the Democrat side easily dwarfed the Republican numbers. And the numbers listed above suggest a wide disparity in popularity between the candidates listed in each race.

What that clearly suggests is for the Republican party here in Wilkes-Barre to capture any of those seats, some people are going to have to run some really spirited campaigns. They are going to have to utilize the far-reaching free forum that is WILK, they are going to have to make much better use of the Internet and they are going to have to go door-to-door with reckless abandon.

Anything less, and the Democrats are going to be partying like it's 1999 after the polls close in November.

Honestly, I do hope the Republicans make it interesting. But at this point it seems like a major challenge.


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