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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pics of Wilkes-Barre #8

Okay, not to belabor the figure to the point of absurdity, but we spent $5.5 million dollars we obviously didn't have and all that remains of the Holeplex site are these washers and bolts I snagged from the site before it was cleared when the adults finally assumed control.

Just in case you're not overly familiar with the old landscape versus the new downtown landscape, the Labor & Industry building now sits on the muddy hole of a site where the ill-fated theater was supposed to have been constructed.

Picture from February of 2005.

As for those anchor bolts that were supposed to attach the steel to the footers, I suppose I could donate them to the historical society or something. Or sell 'em on Ebay. Or whip 'em at the next rotten sumbitch who touches my stuff. I dunno

How soon they forget.

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