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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vote for anybody (except the guy who defeated me)

Did anybody else catch this?

The link: Leighton poised for third term

The excerpt: While Leighton, who raised more than $105,000 this year, celebrated in the trendy Uptown bar, Raup gathered with her supporters in a small neighborhood tavern befitting of her grassroots campaign that had just $27 on hand as of May 2.
There at the North End Tavern, Raup took solace in running a clean campaign, while offering her support to Cope - who mingled with the many Democrats at the bar. Cope, a friend of Raup's and another political newcomer, said she hopes to round up the support of disenchanted city Democrats in her quest to unseat Leighton.

"It's not over," Raup said.

Whatever happened to being gracious in the face of defeat?

It's not over? What, the campaign has now segued into a full-blown vendetta? Is it now personal? Revenge, perhaps? The Facebook coalition revolution is on?!?

Cut me a fu>king break already!

First we were told we needed a new direction. But now we're being told we need any new direction, from any old newcomer, any direction but the one we have now. Sounds kind of reckless. And petty, too.

But, yes, we've seen it time and again and again in this city, how quickly heartfelt activism morphs into being overzealousness. When you fight the good fight and somehow lose, you should be content with your efforts. But not in this city. In this city, when the activists don't get their way, they press on until things end either badly or stupidly.

So, according to what we're currently being told, it seems that it doesn't matter who replaces Tom Leighton, so long as any Johnny-come-lately replaces him.

How's that for leadership?

How's that for vision?



Anonymous said...

Mr. Cour,

I could not believe the article. It made me want to cancel the paper. One of the most slanted biased stories I have read. It belonged as a letter to the editor not a news story.

Mike from North End

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. Completely ridiculous.

Brian from Parsons

Anonymous said...

They hated Namey. They hated McG. They hate Downtown Tommy. And if Cope wins, smart money says they hate her inside two years.